IP65 LED Linear vapor tight fixture

LED vapor tight fixture can be recognized by the market and consumers because of it’s convenient installation and excellent performance. LED linear vapor light and LED vaporproof lights are the main products launched by COMLED.

IP65 LED Linear vapor tight fi1

LED vapor light adopt high quality anti-UV milky PC cover and base, with the light transmittance of 88%. Optimized optical design has been used on diffuser which makes light distribution more even and soft, no glare, and bringing high-quality lighting experience. The protection degree of LED batten light is IP65 and IK08, which is waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision to a large extent, and protects the interior of the light. It adopts high brightness SMD2835 light source, flicker free, and improves the performance of LED light.

IP65 LED Linear vapor tight fi2
IP65 LED Linear vapor tight fi3

This LED waterproof batten light is square in shape, with a narrow light body. It can be equipped with a microwave sensor, with sensing function, and sensor dimming function with remote setting. There is no emergency function temporarily. The LED batten light belongs to Class II electrical classification. It uses an isolated power supply, so that people will not have leakage danger when touching the light. The light efficiency of the LED weatherproof light can reach 130 lm/w, CRI>80, PF 0.9, and the conversion rate of electric energy and light energy is high, saving resources.

IP65 LED Linear vapor tight fi4
IP65 LED Linear vapor tight fi5

In terms of installation mode, LED lights can support surface mounted, suspended mounted and linkable. The wiring process is convenient and fast. Adopt openable cap with press type terminal block for quick installation, easy for wiring power supply, no need to use tools and screws. We promise that the warranty period is three years, during which we will be responsible for any problems of the light.

IP65 LED Linear vapor tight fi6
IP65 LED Linear vapor tight fi7

We will continue to work hard to find and produce LED lights that are more suitable for the market. Welcome to continue to pay attention to us.

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We could provide different functions, such as: emergency battery backup, energy saving motion sensor, linkable cable and designs.

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